Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern

Renmeicho, European representation of Mugai Ryu Iaido

For over 15 years he is living and practicing martial arts. Ever since he was a child I searched for the way of martial arts but he never found what he was looking for, so he temporarily gave up.

Some years later he met Master Sarafnia, an excellent master who intensively taught, and still teaches him the inner and outer spirit of martial arts, as well as zen, taoism and other philosophical ways. During his trip to China he studied Qi / Ki and attended the schools of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang and Master Liu Yuan Yi.

His deep fascination for samurai, bushido, zen and the katana couldn´t be satisfied. Since he could not find a suitable school in Germany, he decided to visit Japan to learn Iai and satisfy his aspiration. He found Mugai Ryu and through Niina Soke he met Chikaoka Sensei who taught him the first years. Today he is a direct student of Niina Gosoke, as well as the european representative of Mugai Ryu and he tries to carry its spirit over to Germany and Europe. So he made the Mugai Ryu Europe federation in 2010. He visit Japan every year to learn on and Niina Soke visits our dojo once a year as well.

He still always try to learn new things and right now he is learning Jeet Kune Do with Sifu Cyrus Moghaddam and Niten Ichi Ryu with Chris De Jongh Sensei.

He understand Martial arts as a way which is not bound to the dojo or style, it is the inner work and living through your principals.

With his tuitional methods he try to pass on this authentic essence and the love and experience that he gathered through his masters. Besides managing the Tenshinkai dojo he also taught at the academy for martial arts in Cologne, the Schauspiel Zentrum (actor´s school) and several grade- and high-schools.

Next to Mugai Ryu he is a certified teacher of Tosei Ryu Tanjojutsu, Gyokushin Shinto Ryu, Kung Fu Toa and Hunyuan Tai Ji Chuan (Chen style).