Why practice with us ?

Around the world and also in Czech Republic you can find many dojos which can teach you different martial arts.

But we are only one school in the world where you can find connection of self defense techniques with traditional japanese martial arts.

Our Koryukai teachs on the highiest level every martial art´s schools same as many other japanese martial arts. And because there is unique connection which any other school cannot provide you.

This great connection provide you understanding of japanese martial arts on the highiest level. While other schools only play, we really study and practice under many grandmasters – the highiest representative of schools.

We are also personal students 9 grandmasters of traditional martial arts, who our dojo visit continuously or we visit them on international seminars or in Japan.

There is not any other dojo in the world which can provide you this unique opportunity.

You cannot be closer to martial arts then in our school.

Practice with us, drink a water from headspring, not from the river.

Japanese martial arts are not for everybody, only chosen people can reach the top. And you can be between them if you will join us.

We are unique  school and we are proud on it.

Because what you can learn in our school, other schools just can dream about it. And this is our uniqueness. This is uniqueness of our teaching.

So that´s why we are one from very few, who teach around the world and who opened branches in many countries.

Thanks to our uniqueness till now we opened branches in 8 countries of the world.

Deeds and results talks instead of us because we other people just talk we practice hard to be the best in the world.

Practice with us and be between the best because we are writing history.