Organization of traditional japanese martial arts

KŌRYŪKAI 光龍会 provides authentic japanese martial arts.

8th January 2012 in Japan on Kagami Biraki (opening ceremony training of New year) was Shihan Filip Bartoš awarded by Soke Hatsumi Masaaki and received from him martial art´s name – KŌ RYŪ 光龍 (Light Dragon).

And it was the reason why Filip Bartoš 1.1.2014 established and renamed his dojo to KŌRYŪKAI 光龍会 as organization of traditional japanese martial arts.  This organization teachs broad spectrum of various traditional japanese martial arts so that´s why each candidate can choose what is the best for him and what he would like to devote.

KŌRYŪKAI 光龍会 is the founder of KORYUKAI BUJUTSU, the ONLY representative of Meifu Shinkage Ryu shurikenjutsu in Czech Republic, the ONLY representative of Mugai Ryu Iaido in Czech Republic.



Kasumi Dojo, Květnová 598, Prague 8

 Each candidate is a real warm welcome.

Those interested in this martial arts trainings can visit and start studying at any time during the year.

We offer the following courses:

  • Koryukai Bujutsu – this system offers several traditional japanese martial arts as Nihon Jujutsu, Shinto Munen Ryu, Anazawa Ryu, Keishi Ryu, Shinmen Nito Ryu.
  • Meifu Shinkage Ryu 明府真影流 shurikenjutsu, fundo kusari jutsu and other Kakushi Buki (hidden weapons)
  • Mugai Ryu Iaido 無外流居合道 – japanese swordfighting with the Katana

KŌRYŪKAI 光龍会 includes the philosophy of the japanese martial arts, develops students in accomplish himself, respects everyone and everything in the daily life and in the training.

We focus on personal and individual training environment, with a lot of attention to the development of the students skill and integrity in Budo.

The Dojo is a holy place of spiritual and physical development as well as a home for it’s students. Martial arts is more than it’s techniques, it is the realization of self. Students and teachers are connected in a respectful and familial manner, a connection that expands to Japan as well.

KŌRYŪKAI 光龍会 is the essence of Japanese martial arts and the way of the  Budo. Plain, clear beauty and efficiency. Koryukai Dojo contains no superfluous or pointless movements, every movement has a deeper and practical sense which is also taught.

KŌRYŪKAI 光龍会 is an official member of the Mugai Ryu European Federation, Shidokai Society, Arab International Martial Arts Federation and Arab International Ninjutsu Federation, official representative International Martial Arts Union, official representative International Sciences & Skill of Martial Arts University, official representative The Supreme Education Council of IMAU University and official representative International Sciences, Technology & Skill Union.

If you have interest to open branch or Keikokai of our KŌRYŪKAI or branch or Keikokai each martial art in Your city or country don´t hesitate to contact me.

As well if you have interest to organize trainings or seminar in Your city or country.