Anazawa Ryu Naginatajutsu

Anazawa Ryu Naginatajutsu is one of the most popular Ryu from the Edo period. Cross cuts are used, sloping cuts are only in a few techniques. The cross techniques are very dynamic.

The second characteristic is the running in small steps. This is due to the fact that Japanese women have run traditionally like that. They could not run with wide steps, because samurai’s women have carried kimono. Mrs. Igarashi Sensei was very small. Nevertheless, she looked big if she trained with the naginata. She was also Sado Shihan (Shihan of tea ceremony).


17th Century

Menkyo kaiden line:

01. ANAZAWA Jokin

02. UMEDA Mukonojo

03. KOISO Kumezaemon

04. SAKUMA Asaemon

05. SEGAWA Senri

06. SEGAWA Yuhon

07. TOZAWA Yaichizaemon

08. TOZAWA Jizaemon

09. UEMURA Sondayu

10. TOZAWA Motomu

11. MATSUZAKA Jirozaemon

12. ONUMA Midori (woman)

13. IGARASHI Kinu (woman)

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