Toyama Ryu

Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu was established in 1925 as a modern sword-drawing and test-cutting system with battlefield applications. Toyama Ryu is called as swordsmanship of Battojutsu  in order to point out the central subject of this school.

Batto Jutsu – is the Japanese term for art of the quick and fighting drawing of the sword which is closely connected with kenjutsu and trains exclusively with a real sharp blade of the sword, or SHINKEN. Training includes high combat efficiency focusing on distance, timing and targeting.

In 1873 was founded in Toyama in Tokyo in Japan a special school for training military officers of the Imperial Army of Japan and was called Rikugun Toyama Gakko or also Toyama Army Academy. This school has just led to the emergence of Toyama Ryu as we know it today. Currently, there are several independent lines of Toyama Ryu which is found in Japan especially in the regions of Kanto, Tokai and Kansai.