Suigetsujuku Bujutsu




The aim of I.S.B.A is preserving traditional old japanese martial arts (Koryu) and offer them to all who has real interest in study of these unique japanese traditions.

This organization was established by Jun Osano Shihan.

Shihan Jun Osano was born 01.06.1959 in Fujiyoshida City (Yamanashi Prefecture) and had been started martial arts trainings at the age of  seven years. He had been graduated from the faculty of politics and economy in the University of Tôkai. Today he is teaching at the Fujikawaguchiko Senior High School in Fujiyoshida City.

He is the president of the International Suigetsujuku Bujutsu Association (ISBA), as well as the Taiwanian Gold Hawk Kung Fu Society – Japanese section, and the Japanese General Budo Laboratory.

During his education in Japanese martial arts over the last 40 years he got Menkyo Kaiden in several different Ryuha and 8th dan in Nihon Jujutsu.

 In the I.S.B.A following schools are integrated:

Nihon Jûjutsu

Yagyu Shingan Ryû Heijutsu

Asayama Ichiden Ryû Jûjutsu

Shibukawa Ichi Ryû Jûjutsu

Rikishin Ryû Bujutsu

Tento Ryû Bujutsu

Anazawa Ryû Naginatajutsu

Shinto Munen Ryû Tachiiai

Heiho Niten Ichi Ryû

Shinmen Nito Ryû Kenjutsu

Araki Ryu Iaijutsu

Keishi Ryu Iaijutsu

Golden Hawk Kung-Fu

Nakazawa Ryû

Ryugo Ryu Iaijutsu

 Sekiguchi Ryu Iaijutsu

If you are interested in trainings of these unique martial art schools do not hesitate to contact shihan Filip Bartoš – or +420 731 102 922 who regularly study martial arts of organization Suigetsujuku Bujutsu directly under Shihan Jun Osano and is only one official representative (Shibucho) for Czech Republic.